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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Year of the Magical Re

Woops! What happened to January? I have been chin deep in the nature chapters for my new book, which Workman will release in the fall of 2009. Some days I work outdoors in my nightgown, then I move into the studio and dig into my text. I almost drove to the store the other day still wearing my nightgown.

This is the magical year of "RE." By this, I mean that I am going to rethink, reflect, recycle, rediscover, repurpose, reinvigorate, reinvent, and redo my life in a variety of ways, which I hope to mention during the next few months.

We've discovered the ReStore, an outgrowth of the wonderful Habitat for Humanity, which we love to support. Because of the ReStore we've been able to build a whimsical little laundry room and outfit it with great windows purchased for a fraction of their original cost. Also, we needed to lay a floor and got a bid for a staggering $1,100.00 for a 5' x 6' space. Jeff was able to pick up solid wood flooring for $45.00 and laid it himself. All thanks to the ReStore. Check on line for one in your neighborhood, and remember, when you're thinking of tossing old cabinets, shutters, wood, tubs, sinks, etc., donate them to the ReStore.

Even the laundry basket and hanging light are recycled. 
Large window (below) came from the ReStore.

Recycled Christmas card, from our friend and photographer Lynn Karlin ( , in a recycled frame. Photo of clothes pins on a snow covered Maine clothes line.

My good friends Kary and John,  who live in an old cottage nearby, also contributed to the laundry room. We traded two windows we had for a vintage fold-down ironing board cupboard, which they had in their laundry room. Jeff cut the entire cabinet out of their wall, sawed a hole into our thick stucco wall, and installed it here. I love using it then just flipping it back up and into the cupboard.
Phew! Now that I've said all this, I'm feeling re-stored.