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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Love Always, Maine

A harvest of autumn treasures from my wanderings

Dear Friends, Happy Autumn! So many wonderful letters, cards and e-mails have made their way into my life. Thank you, thank you. I'll admit that yesterday's e-mail is the reason I am posting today.

"Dear Sharon,

As a teacher and a lover of nature, I find your posts so inspiring!  I have missed seeing your lovely posts.  Do you plan to return soon?  Sincerely, ------- 2nd grade teacher at Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, OR"

I've also received notes from a teacher in Indiana (hi Lori!) and friends from all over the country. Honestly, I didn't realize that so many people still read blogs. I post every day on my page on Facebook, Sharon Lovejoy: Home Gardens Books, and thanks to my granddaughter, who put me on Instagram without my knowledge, I now also post on Instagram under sharonlovejoyauthor.

So, here I am, sitting at my computer and preparing to share, in a single posting, some of my happy and peaceful times in Maine.

Morning from our porch.

When I awaken, I can look through four windows to the sea. I never take it for granted. Every morning I say how grateful I am.

My little studio faces the sea.

Working on spreads for my new book.

Drying pages on the back of the couch.

The screened porch is the perfect work room on a hot day...

...or a cold morning...(which I love sharing with Jeff!)

...or a dark, sea-scented night.

Our supply of hats, walking sticks, and umbrellas stand ready for our hikes all over the peninsula.

You can't see me smiling, but believe me, I AM!

Past the homes of Christmas Cove toward...

...the home of Miss Rumphius...

...and the sandy beach where I find bird hieroglyphics and sea glass.

But we don't just walk during the day. Luckily for us, the night of the fall "Blood Moon" was clear and sparkling. Perfect for a hike to the causeway where we watched the full, autumn moon turn into a brilliant red orb.

The moon rose over the hump of the Pemaquid Peninsula.

The Blood Moon

Watching the transformation of the pearl-like moon into this glowing, red orb felt like magic. I can't imagine how ancient man, not knowing the rhythms of our eclipses, would have felt. Fright? 

Many of our friends tried to watch this, but fog or storms stole their views. I feel so lucky to have seen/experienced this phenomenon.

The Lucky Winner is...

The winner of the (long ago) drawing for the Sara Midda book is reader Thea McGinnis, who said, "Toss my name in the hat." 

Congratulations, Thea dear! Please send me your address and Workman Publishing will send you your copy of this marvelous book.

Book News

A Blessing of Toads (Down East Books) is available now in paperback. All the inside illustrations are in black and white. 

Second printing and hard cover from Down East Books.

Tim and his beloved grandmother.

Above is a peek inside the little rhyming rebus written and illustrated by me.

My 1859 historical, middle grade novel (Penguin Random House) is still available in hardcover, but will be coming out in March 2016 (Yearling) in paperback. I have been so fortunate to do some wonderful book club meetings via SKYPE. The most far reaching was from my favorite Korean teacher, Lily, who joined me in my studio with five of her star students who read and discussed Running Out of Night.

All my books are available from bookstores, on-line, and from me. If you want personalized books for gifts, I am happy to inscribe them.

I am working on several books right now, one of which is a personal journal of Maine and its rich traditions. Stay tuned!

Well, this has gone on and on. Sorry, I still have so many things to share with you, but perhaps you'll join me again for more Maine. In the meantime, visit me on Facebook for a short (almost) daily glimpse at nature and the wonders of life.

Sending love and joy across the miles to you.