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Friday, September 27, 2013

September Song: "Oh world I cannot hold thee close enough."

The last of the garlic scapes on my September windowsill in the kitchen, which looks out to the forest where...

Visitors watch me as I cook.

Sweet September views. A Bald Eagle soars above the sailboats.

I love looking into windows and through to the other side. This was taken as I walked through town.

Ok, I'll admit it, I just love looking in windows. Period.

Sometimes I just want to knock on a door and say thank you for having such a beautiful little home. 

O world, I cannot hold thee close enough!
Thy winds, the wide gray skies!
Thy mists, that roll and rise.
The woods, this autumn day, that ache and sag
And all but cry with color...
World, world, I cannot get thee close enough!

Edna St. Vincent Millay

Dear friends,

Thank you for the many birthday wishes and all the wonderful e-mails and cards. Lori, I love the birdie purse, Eleanor, those socks are wonderful, Lynn Karlin, the book, Loving Where you Live is great and so is your new raw foods calendar. Sharon and Jim, I enjoyed all the goodies, Gin Gin, love the vase, Eleanor, your kitchen creations rock, Beth Fisher, wow the French linens are gorgeous, Marilyn, the antique Francis Hodgson Burnett is an amazing find and better gift. Heather and Doug, your creation added pounds to my body, but they were great. Jeffrey, the antique acorn and leaf bracelet is a treasure. Sara, Moses, and Luke, I love the Luke handprint. You are all the best.

One of my readers wrote recently and said she felt that I am pulling away from blogging. Well, I am not doing much blogging because of time constraints, but I do post a photo and comment on facebook every few days. I think I live a simple life, but it takes lots of work to live simply and blogging takes many hours out of my day. I find that many are cutting back and spending more time on facebook and twitter. How do you feel about it?

Won't you join me for the last chords of the September song? Let's take a walk, maybe even a boat ride in Maine. I won't have lots of writing in this, but the photos are the important thing. Enjoy every peep into a window or walk through a neighborhood called Bayside, or on Peaks' Island, or a sail on the sea, or relaxing on my porch with Audrey, or...

I love tiny houses and buildings. Ok, I'll adopt this one in Rockport Harbor. This would be a perfect studio.

On the outskirts of Bayside I yelled when I saw the sign for this library.

Little library for grown-ups.

Little library for kids like me.

Great place for children.

Went crazy for all the little cottages and wanted to adopt this one...



...maybe one of these?

Ok, I'll admit it...I have a thing for yellow houses, porches, and porch rockers.

Who wouldn't love to sit and rock here?

It is easy to find great ideas as you walk through nice neighborhoods. Here is a bent wig trellis that is helping Black-eyed-Susan climb. Looks like Ozark herbalist Jim Long has been here.

This is a simple fence, but by turning the cross rails into planter boxes the owners made more garden space and great impact. I love this and plan to do it in our garden too. Copy Cat.

Loved this whimsical mailbox. 

This is a tiny cottage (honestly, it IS tiny) behind a mansion. Gutsy color scheme. Wish I had the nerve.

You don't need my words to figure this one out.

Stacked stone sculptures on the island.

Rugged individualism is a hallmark of Maine. I laughed when we saw this on Peaks' Island. Rugged individual indeed.

Back home Jeff and Nick set out in a dory (while I cook dinner for friends). Is that fair?

Jeff thinks that is fair because he cleans up my kitchen disarray. I am great at messing up a perfectly neat little kitchen.

I did manage to take time out to feed my girl Audrey. What a sweetheart.

Table is set, candles are lit, and pumpkins parade across the fireplace.

The September moon rises over Pemaquid Point...

...and when I walk into the kitchen to make cole slaw, well, this charming girl is smiling at me and I just could not bear to chop her up. She sat on my counter and greeted guests for me.

What a hodge-podge I've shared with you, but to me this is some of the essence of Maine in September.     We love every minute of our time in Maine and hope you have a place you cherish.

Love to you all,


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Beach Walks and Lucky Rocks

Gifts from mother nature are at our feet.

We just need to take time to look.

They enrich our lives...

indoors and out

Have a great week and don't forget to look up too.