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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Never Explain

"Never Explain: Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it."

Victor Grayson

This quote came from a little book sent to me by a dear friend in Maine. The book is called Best Friends by Hulton Getty, and it contains many truisms.

So don't expect me to explain where I've been for the past few weeks. Thank you, Naomi Hoffman, for the supply of fruits, flowers, and friendship.

Thank you to my Maine/Kansas friends Jim and Sharon Aderman. You always make me laugh! Readers please note: They sent my get well card on a full-sized shingle.

Thank you friends, including Lori Hibbard of Indiana, Victoria Boster (Five Bags Full blog) of Kentucky, Aline and Frank Cullen (I love the antique bird book), my irreplaceable and irrepressible friend Marilyn Brewer, Susie and Ellis Bassetti, Virginia Holihan, Lynn Karlin, Sue Branch, Cindy Steidel, Bruce Black, Eleanor Broaded (OH, WOW, those retro socks are amazing), Bernie DeLisle and Chris Darling, my beloved friends in Kiddie Writers, and all of you who wrote me e-mails. You are the sparkling stars in my sky.

And the fabulous Patsy Lee Anderson (I want to be just like you when I grow up). From the postage stamps to the wrappings, the envelopes to the gift itself, every piece of the package was perfect.

If you are in MidCoast Maine August 16, come hear me speak at the Northeast District Annual Meeting of the Herb Society of America at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden in Boothbay, Maine. Limited seating available to the public. Reserve now.

I am signing off now, but leaving you with the opportunity to win this new cookbook, Greek Revival from the Garden: Growing and Cooking for Life, by Patricia Moore-Pastides, the First Lady of the University of South Carolina. Patricia teaches healthy Mediterranean cooking classes for the lucky students and for adults and children through Columbia's Cooking!, a vital community program.

What I like about this hefty, colorful cookbook is that it also has great ideas for garden projects. 

One of my favorite projects is this simple, inexpensive "Herb Tower." I'm making one!

Leave a comment on this posting, and you may win this great, new book. [NOTE: "Anonymous" comments must begin with "Sharon" to avoid getting automatically deleted. Too much spam.]

Happy days,


p.s. Join me on Central Texas Gardener for an interview that aired on June 29, 2013, on select PBS stations. Not on your local PBS station? Request it. It's a true garden show.

p.p.s. Look for the August 2013 issue of This Old House magazine for an article about my garden shed "Sprig" and container gardens and projects. We haven't seen it yet, so let me know what you think. You could win the book above, too.