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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Never Explain

"Never Explain: Your friends don't need it and your enemies won't believe it."

Victor Grayson

This quote came from a little book sent to me by a dear friend in Maine. The book is called Best Friends by Hulton Getty, and it contains many truisms.

So don't expect me to explain where I've been for the past few weeks. Thank you, Naomi Hoffman, for the supply of fruits, flowers, and friendship.

Thank you to my Maine/Kansas friends Jim and Sharon Aderman. You always make me laugh! Readers please note: They sent my get well card on a full-sized shingle.

Thank you friends, including Lori Hibbard of Indiana, Victoria Boster (Five Bags Full blog) of Kentucky, Aline and Frank Cullen (I love the antique bird book), my irreplaceable and irrepressible friend Marilyn Brewer, Susie and Ellis Bassetti, Virginia Holihan, Lynn Karlin, Sue Branch, Cindy Steidel, Bruce Black, Eleanor Broaded (OH, WOW, those retro socks are amazing), Bernie DeLisle and Chris Darling, my beloved friends in Kiddie Writers, and all of you who wrote me e-mails. You are the sparkling stars in my sky.

And the fabulous Patsy Lee Anderson (I want to be just like you when I grow up). From the postage stamps to the wrappings, the envelopes to the gift itself, every piece of the package was perfect.

If you are in MidCoast Maine August 16, come hear me speak at the Northeast District Annual Meeting of the Herb Society of America at the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden in Boothbay, Maine. Limited seating available to the public. Reserve now.

I am signing off now, but leaving you with the opportunity to win this new cookbook, Greek Revival from the Garden: Growing and Cooking for Life, by Patricia Moore-Pastides, the First Lady of the University of South Carolina. Patricia teaches healthy Mediterranean cooking classes for the lucky students and for adults and children through Columbia's Cooking!, a vital community program.

What I like about this hefty, colorful cookbook is that it also has great ideas for garden projects. 

One of my favorite projects is this simple, inexpensive "Herb Tower." I'm making one!

Leave a comment on this posting, and you may win this great, new book. [NOTE: "Anonymous" comments must begin with "Sharon" to avoid getting automatically deleted. Too much spam.]

Happy days,


p.s. Join me on Central Texas Gardener for an interview that aired on June 29, 2013, on select PBS stations. Not on your local PBS station? Request it. It's a true garden show.

p.p.s. Look for the August 2013 issue of This Old House magazine for an article about my garden shed "Sprig" and container gardens and projects. We haven't seen it yet, so let me know what you think. You could win the book above, too.


Vee said...

Oh what fun friends you have! Hope that you are feeling much, much better, Sharon. Off to see the interview.

Julie Marie said...

Hello dear cousin Sharon... I do hope you are feeling much better now... you have so many nice friends thinking of you!... I would love to hear you speak in Maine... wish I lived closer... and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of "This Old House" and see your little garden shed and projects!... please do not enter me in your giveaway... you have gifted me with so many beautiful things already... and the best gift of all is finding out we are related!... sending much love... xoxo Julie Marie

Mim said...

so sorry you had shingles....I've heard they are very painful. Hope you are on the mend.

Enjoy the heat in Maine.

Mim said...

so sorry you had shingles....I've heard they are very painful. Hope you are on the mend.

Enjoy the heat in Maine.

Patti said...

What wonderful things you have been gifted... aren't friends wonderful? I hope you are well on your way to feeling better. What a great book your giving away... thanks for a chance to win.

AngieTink said...

Happy Saturday Dearest Sharon Your Friends are Sweet & Funny Just Cheering You Up....Sending Healing Light & Love & Always "Feel~Better" Pixie~Dust! xoxo Poof! AngieTink (Shall We Twirl into The Summer Garden)?

Kelly Rishor said...

Sharon, you inspire my artistic soul. Hope you're feeling better. I suffer from hives, very similar to shingles from what I hear. Being sick is no fun!! xx

Nellie said...

I am relieved to hear that you sound as though you are well on the way to recovery! I've sent healing thoughts your way!

This sounds like a wonderful book!


Terra said...

Shingles can be just awful I am told and how good your friends sent you just what you needed. The Shingles get well card, did you laugh til it hurt? So clever.
Greek food and gardening, can it get better than that? Please enter me to win the book.

Blondie's Journal said...

I really hope you are feeling better, Sharon. My mother had shingles once and I know how terrible it can be. My husband always say, "You know who your real friends are when you're down and out!". And you have so many wonderful poeple in your life who care.

Sending much love,


kj said...

Honey girl, surely I hope August is kind to us in every way. I am thinking lobsters even if I limp to them and you

Meanwhile, we do have countable blessings. Friendship counts in high numbers ! And what's better than gifts and cards and gestures when sick? Please imagine I sent you a dozen extra large balloons. :-)

ms kj

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

What loving, thoughtful and fun friends you have.

I do hope you are feeling much better now Sharon.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Marcie said...

Glad you are posting again, and so glad to see that you were showered with so much love! Take care! :)

Balisha said...

Welcome back...Shingles are the worst.There is a vaccine out now..don't know if you would need one after having had them.
Take care,

Unknown said...

Well, my dear Sharon, I would say that you had just the right mix of healing medicine to get rid of those blasted shingles forever... Love, rest and friendship do wonders for a gal don't they?
sending love and hugs from the east!
Boz and Deb

Anonymous said...

Sharon: Birds of a feather flock together certainly holds have so many friends that are almost as creative as you. The shingle get well is priceless. Soak in everyday in beautiful Maine and heal thy self. I too look forward to finding a copy of This Old House to relish your shed "Sprig." Thank you for sharing so much of the beauty in your life. Get well soon.
Jane in Nevada

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hi dear Sharon, Big hug across the US from me to you. Wish I had know these two dates sooner. The brochure doesn't give a price or am I missing it. Although to hear you speak is priceless! Hope you and phone man have a safe and uneventful trip to Maine! xo

Paula said...

Sharon, so sorry you were "shingled". I had them a few weeks ago - a very mild case.

Glad to see you back!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Balisha dear (and all),

I DID have the vaccine five years ago.

Love to all,


Unknown said...

I am glad you are feeling better! With enough summer left to enjoy -- especially up in Maine (at least I guess there's enough left in Maine to enjoy - I've never been, so I really don't know). Here in the south -- the remainder of the summer is more a matter of endurance than enjoyment between now and late September.

Vicki Boster said...

Bless your heart dear Sharon-- it's so wonderful to know that you are better and back at your gardens and projects again. What a blessing to have your health back. Your shower of cards and best wishes is a testament to how much we all love you--

I'm just realizing that I sent your card to the wrong address- you are in Maine not CA. Total brain freeze on my part!! Good thing the post office forwards your mail:)

Don't over do things now just because you can!! Sending love-

MT Blog said...

Hi Sharon! Very cute shingle post card, what dear friends! Hope you are feeling better and I enjoyed the interview. Beautiful drawings!

Teri said...

I'll be looking for the magazine at my store when it comes out. I love the idea of naming your garden shed. Perhaps I should name mine too! I hope that you are feeling better now and hopefully you are back on the east coast for your annual visit to Maine. I am always so envious of the fact that you have a place back there. When I grow up...I want to be YOU!!

Lydia said...

Sending wishes for your continued healing from Southern California. The weather is trying to convince me I'm in Florida- but I know better):- .

Anonymous said...

Sharon,I hope you continue to recover and this is soon a distant memory.


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Please be sure to check back for the winner of the cookbook. Especially if you're signed on as "anonymous." We've had a few winners we haven't been able to find.

Don't miss out!


Anonymous said...

Sharon, I love the note on the shingle. I've been thinking of you and hoping you're recovering quickly. I'm going to try and find This Old House and see your shed. All the best to you!

Anonymous said...

Sharon, glad you are on the mend, my dearling! Summer is nice on the east coast so you have something good to look forward to soon. xoox thea

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

The weather here on the Pemaquid Peninsula has been very hot and humid, at least since I arrived in early July, which is late for us. I'm hoping you'll find it clear and dry when you arrive completely healed.

I'd love to hear you at the Botanical Gardens on the 16th. I was so surprised to find my chives and thyme made it through the Maine winter. Since arriving I've planted basil and rosemary. And my lavender continues to produce just enough blossoms for me to dry and take back to my 92 year of Mother.

Did you ever get your cowgirls boots when you were in Texas?

Continue to heal. We await your arrival. Liz

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi dear Liz,

Thank you for the newsy news about the Pemaquid Peninsula. I so miss everyone and everything, but know I'll be there soon.

My chives and Nepeta make it through winter, but since I only garden in containers (except for those two things), everything else must be started anew.

NO! No cowboy boots. I didn't get ANY TIME OFF when I was in Austin. Next time!!

Oh, Coastal Maine Botanic Garden event will be FUN. I love herbies and this topic is really how herbs can infuse your entire life with beauty, healing, scent, and joy.

See you at CMBG??


Patsylee said...

Sharon, I am so glad you liked your little surprise package. I so love to send "real" mail--as Deborah K. recently wrote--"Oh, for the handwritten, hand-touched, hand-delivered letter!"

But, of course, I love the visual feast of photos, links, etc. almost instantly delivered to my computer screen, too.

The Greek cookbook looks inticing!

Patsylee said...

Oops, I meant ENticing ;),

LindaCTG said...

Even when you're ill, you bring sunshine to our days! Wish I could come hear you speak in Maine. And I'm getting some cute little vases and think of you. Oh, and thanks for the heads up on CTG. We're a true garden show thanks to truly dear gardeners like you.

Little Bird said...

How wonderful it will be to see your special place in "This Old House"! And oh! That confounding old virus! So glad you are on-the-mend! I do so miss you when you are "gone". Thank you for your inspired and generous spirit!

Claudia said...

Sharon, I am so sorry to hear that you were suffering from shingles. I hope you are recovering and feeling better.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Long time
away from much on the computer.
So sorry about the shingles.
I had them about 4 years ago
and hope they never return.
Take care
and as always
your sharing
is priceless...

Sharon Lovejoy said...


Every day is better! Thank goodness I got the vaccination.

Thanks for your sweet words. They are appreciated!



Betty said...

Dear Sharon, So sorry you have had shingles. I know the pain can be awful.
Hope you are over the worst of it now. Lovely, thoughtful gifts from your friends. Certainly helps to cheer one.
I have recently been for a holiday to England and saw some beautiful gardens there.
I wonder if you have been to Sissinghurst or Wisley. Just gorgeous!
Happy days, Betty

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi Betty,

Yes, yes, yes, we've taken two "Garden Trips" to England and for about five weeks popped from garden to garden to garden. What a joy and so much inspiration.

The Chelsea Physic Garden felt like home, I loved Sissinghurst, Barnsley House, Hidcote, on and on.

All joys,


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, that is so painful, you have many faithful followers, dear friends who care, I am catching up with posts and came to find you have been ill, I'm so sorry to hear this, I hope that you are recovering, my husband had a bout with shingles this winter, not nice at all, what lovely gifts, rest and heal, thats all you need to do, rest and heal,

Kay G. said...

That shingle sent to you...oh my goodness, I would have HOWLED with laughter!!!
Hope you are feeling much better these days!

Guess what! My son is in a band these days. His band's name is THE 7's. Remember that name, when he is on TV and very famous, you can say you know his crazy MAMA!! LOL!

kj said...

Hello hello xo


Anonymous said...

What wonderful and fun friends you have! Hope you are feeling much better! I had my shingles vaccine on Friday and my arm is still red, swollen and itchy :-( long as it works!
Sending warm well wishes your way....
Cindy in Maine

Leanne Rogers said...

Love your website, and books. Thank you for being so kind and answering my emails. Flower Maze/Circle is going strong,and that with two - three months left in our growing season!
Glad you are better. The shingle letter is awesome. Have to think of a way to steal/modify the idea!
Leanne Rogers, Bonney Lake, WA

Rufus said...

glad to hear you're feeling better - I've been in rest and rehab mode as well so just got around to checking my blogs today. Would love to win the book and am looking forward to checking out your shed and projects.

Anonymous said...

Sending you healing hugs and hoping this is all in short order. Get your shingles shot and renew it every 5 years. It will make any recurring episodes less painful and hopefully there will not be any at all.

Mine were in my mouth and ears causing paralysis of my face for 2 months. It's a type called Ramsay Hunt. Much more severe. I'm still dealing with it a year later. I have no energy and recurring blisters. It's been a nightmare.

Medicated Solarcane and Witchazel both work on exterior blisters.

I'm still on antivirals and nerve medications along with pain meds. My type has attacked the trigeminal nerve. Both of ours could have been prevented by taking the shot.

Hoping you are feeling up to working. Rest is the best medicine for shingles. Looks like you have a beautiful place to accomplish both rest and work. Best wishes to you,
Anna ~ Flowergardengirl

Lili said...

Oh no Sharon! I am so sorry to learn how much suffering you went through recently. I hope soaking up all the rugged beauty of Maine will help make up for it in some small way. Oh dear, I really miss a lot when I don't keep up with my blog reading! xo

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Sweet Maine Sister Lili,

Welcome back!!


S (see you soon?)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Anna (Flower garden Girl) Looper,

I DID take the shot! Years before I got the shingles, but I didn't know about the booster and now I will get that.

I am so sorry for all you've gone through.

Fresh Aloe vera gel has saved my life!

Be well.


Christi said...