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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Turtle Trumps Time Table

Ok, so I am on a tight, tight schedule, but I must always remember to prioritize what is important and what is simply a manmade imperative.

Life, that is what is important, and no matter how tight the deadlines I must stop when I see a turtle in the road and usher it across safely.

Jeff has watched nervously as I've jumped out of the way of oncoming trucks, ticked off drivers, eluded snapping turtle attacks, and dodged a stream of pee (which turtles release when frightened).

Now, Jeff has stocked our car with a snow shovel, which is infinitely useful for picking up turtles and avoiding pee and bites.

Ah life, precious life. Nothing is more important.

Blessings from my little green island,


Here is a post script because of a great e-mail I received from Kathy Martin, an herbalist in Canada. "Yes, life is the priority in the midst of all the busyness. And I am going to put a shovel in my trunk for all the turtles which I hesitate to pick up because of snapping." Hurrah Kathy! And to all of you out there I should have mentioned that my snow shovel is child-sized so that it fits in my car easily.


clairedulalune said...

Hello Sharon it is wonderful to read your lovely words! How sweet of you to go out of your way to help the turtles! I would have to do the same! Hope you are well.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I KNEW you would do the same. Thank heaven for our soft hearts.

Marcie said...


A snow shovel is a wonderful idea for snappers. I could carry a painted turtle around comfortably (though he or she might not like it) but the snappers make me just a little nervous. I have to say that I've seen a few here which wouldn't fit on a snow shovel, but most of them would.

I have been known to slow down and manuever my car carefully to stradle or avoid "wooly worms" and we have pulled over to scooch turtles off the road also. You're right; there are natural priorties that we ought to pay attention to!

Aunt Jenny said...

I miss seeing turtles. I don't think I have seen a single one in the wild since we have lived in Utah. Hmmm, that is wierd! A shovel is a great idea.
I have been known to save spiders. They amaze me.