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Monday, August 13, 2012

Thank You Minnesota

Pat Crocker's 541 page book has all the information you'll need to can, freeze, and preserve both store bought and home grown foods. It also includes great recipes and Pat's photography.

Thank you Minnesota folks for your hospitality and many kindnesses. Theresa Mieseler of Shady Acres Herbs was a great and caring hostess. She helped make their 50th Anniversary Minnesota Herb Society conference one of the best ever. Thanks to Theresa and her husband Jim and everyone else involved!

Pat barely walked through the door to Theresa Miesler's home and immediately started prep work for her upcoming presentation at the conference. Pat, Jim Long, Susan Betz, me, and a group of enthusiastic herbies made presentations.

I loved this drawer of canning supplies.

A tiny peek into Theresa's well-stocked cupboard. Of course, she has Pat's book readily at hand.

My old friend, author Susan Betz, is doing an American Gothic pose with her Buffalo Bird Woman gardening tools. Sorry for the blurry photo; she is adorable.

"Mother Nature keeps a date book, an exciting schedule of mysterious and magical events unfolding daily in our backyards and beyond. She does not want you to wait for an invitation or schedule an appointment; she is ready and willing to entertain and educate on a moment's notice."

This book is fabulous. I have enjoyed every page and find the ethnobotanical information, the traditions, the nature notes, and so much more, to be a great read and a great addition to a library. I am tickled to offer this to you as a give-away. All you need do is leave a comment, and I will do a random drawing a week from today.

Why don't I have a photo of Jim Long, The Ozark Herbalist? I think we were so busy catching up that I forgot to take a shot of him. And, he has SO MANY books out that I could snap them all day. Instead, I'll just give you a link to his web site Long Creek Herbs and invite you to read at least one of his nine blogs. He writes informative posts filled with his store of knowledge. I think you'll enjoy his fairy garden entry, and you'll love his books. (This photo was taken from Jim's blog and is enlarged from a tiny one).

Remember to leave a comment, and you will be entered into the drawing for "Magical Moons and Seasonal Circles" by Susan Betz.

While in Minneapolis, I was invited to do an interview on KMSP-TV, local Channel 9. You may watch the video by clicking here.

Sending good thoughts your way,


P.S. Many years ago a woman told me the story of her Grandfather's words of wisdom. Words she hoped to live by all her life. Her Grandfather's words? "Be kind." That is all we can do for each other. 


Vee said...

So glad that you had a good experience in Minnesota. Love your friend's friendly American Gothic interpretation. I'm off to listen to your interview...

Vee said...

Ohhhh... your bird book for kids will be out in plenty of time for Christmas...yay! Hope that you're wending your way East, my friend.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good afternoon dear Sharon ~ Good to see a post of yours. That book on preserving by Pat looks wonderful. I've never canned anything, don't know anyone down here in s.e. FL who does it, I'm sure there must be some. We did buy a small chest freezer last year and I'm wanting to freeze more goodies to have on hand and to take advantage of sales of produce.

The book Magical Moons and Seasonal Circles looks fascinating.

I am a follower of Jim Longs and enjoy his garden blog.

Wishing you and your husband well.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Unknown said...

I'd love to win this book!!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Lucky, lucky you Sharon to be in Minnesota. Always have wanted to go there especially to Shady Acre Herbs. You had quite the lineup. Know it was a fun time! XXOO Nancy

maureen said...

Sharon, I enjoy your blog so much. Although I am not a child, I buy just about everyone of your books.

I would love to win "Magical Moons and Seasonal Circles". It would be a great addition to my library.

Rachel - Mozart's Girl said...

Lovely preserve pictures, Sharon - I'm trying to do more each year! Made Piccalilli last year which had rave reviews...also marmalade is a must. But I will try & be more adventurous also. I think that the 'be kind' advice is the very best. The world would be a much better place if everyone heeded it! Sending love xo Rachel

Michelle said...

That drawer of canning rings made my mouth fall the best way!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi Maureen,

Thanks for your sweet words. You would love this book. It is a tradition starter.

The drawing is next Monday. Fingers crossed!

S (Oh, please check next Monday and if you win you will need to e-mail us your mailing address. We use the US postal service book rate.

Pam G. said...

I would love to win that book. I am eagerly awaiting your bird book, Sharon

Susan said...

I'm a big jam person, but also know this book, which I've used. I can't wait for your next book--I've got them order for the grands. XOXO

Darla said...

The canning and freezing book looks great. I was wondering the same thing as others...will you be heading to Maine this summer? I am eager to take a peek at your new bird book. Thanks for sharing all of your good words!

rufuspt said...

Love reading your blog and my grandchildren have
enjoyed all of your wonderful books.
I would love to win "Magical Moons and Seasonal Circles" and share it with my family.

Anonymous said...

Don't we need to hear 'be kind' every morning before we start the day? thank you, dear lady. xo thea

Jennifer said...

This book sounds amazing. I can't wait to read it!

Bonnie K said...

I could have used Pat's book last weekend as I was a preserving fool. Looks like you had fun in Minnesota. Always a fun place to go. I follow one of Jim Long's blogs, I didn't realize he had 8 more. Glad you had a good trip.

Lori ann said...

minnesota! how i would love to go there again, my great grandparents immigrated there from sweden. i haven't been since i was a child, but someday my sister and i will go back, there is even a lake with our family name!

love your photos sharon, especially the canning drawer! and you know i'm already in line for your new bird book! xxx lori

Jim Long said...

Dear Sharon & Jeff,
What a thrill it was to see you in MN. It's been years and I miss hearing in person your wit and wisdom. You just don't see the world like normal people do and I love that about you both. The visit was much too short, the food too good and the weather too perfect. I want more!

I am so excited to see your new birdhouse book. Thank you for the plug to my books, that's so sweet. Hugs and happy travels! Jim

Anonymous said...

Sharon I love reading all your blogs and have many of your wonderful books. I too can so enjoyed reading about your canning ventures.
Your garden friend,

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love the line "Mother Nature keeps a date book"! :)

Melissa said...

Hello Sharon,
Another lovely giveaway! Thank you.

dq said...

would love to win your give away - what fun!

Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Hi Sharon! It made me smile to think of you in Minnesota. I'd love to coordinate trips there with you sue time- wouldn't that be a blast!


Nellie said...

Well, something happened to the comment I just made!:(

It would have been such fun to be at the herb presentation. We grow a few which we really enjoy.

It would be great to win that book!!

We need to remember to do what we can to spread peace, joy, and kindness each day! Thank you for the reminder.

Nellie said...

Well, third time is a charm, I hope. I've tried twice to post a comment. Perhaps it isn't meant to be.:(

It would have been fun to be present at the herb presentation. We grow several herbs ourselves. We have also done quite a bit of canning in the past. Not so much in the past couple of years, however.

It would be a great treat to win that book!

We should try to spread peace, joy, and kindness all around us! Thank you for your reminder!

Tammy Heller said...

Sue's book sounds really good...I've tried my hand at canning cucumbers (pickles) this summer and apple sauce last fall...Fingers crossed on your generous giveaway...Thank thee...:)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi Steph,

Yes, that would be fun. I loved the beauty of Minnesota. We just didn't have enough time. Sometime I would like to see your paradise on the lake and meet your folks.

See you in September! Hope you guys are well.


Anonymous said...

Seasons are such delight, aren't they! I hung the dried wreath that I use for late summer/fall on our front door last week. It's one of the days I look especially forward to each year.


Betty said...

So much in one post Sharon! You must have enjoyed catching up with those inspiring folk.
I loved Jim Long's garden blog with photos of the event. Looked like a beautiful day. I will have to go back and peruse his blog further.
Great TV interview Sharon. You seem to have so much fun:)
I enjoyed your photos., especially the one of preserved cucumbers. I usually make green tomato pickles at the end of summer.
Hope you are enjoying the season as we look forward to Spring.

Anonymous said...

The grandfather's words of wisdom remind of the Dalai Lama's answer when he was asked about his religion. He said "My religion is simple. My religion is kindness." Kelly in Oregon.

kj said...

oh that drawer of circles!

sharon, how you write about other authors and contributors: i think you don't have colleagues: i think you have loyal FRIENDS!

i'm loyal.:^) i don't can but i can....

love love!

Anonymous said...

I have loved both your blog and books for many years... you have helped me to pass a love for nature to the next generation. Excited to be entered in the drawing... blessings, Bobbie

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Sharon-- I'm so excited for your great success-- I know you work so hard to obtain such status-- you deserve every good thing that comes your way. Minnesota was right to treat you so kindly--

That canning and preserve book is beautiful. I have friends who would love that as a gift-- must check it out.

Your giveaways are always so generous. The book looks beautiful--

I'm excited about your new book as well-- and I'm heading over for your interview in just a minute--

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I bought a canner this summer, but NO I have not canned a thing! Maybe next year! We were in such a hurry to get to the beach and I was picking tomatoes (bumper crop this year) and making tomato sauce which I froze! It finally reached the point to where just bagged up those last tomatoes in gallon freezer bags and froze them. Lots of okra too--it actually thrives in those 100-111 degree temperatures of which we had too many days this summer!
Love the "be kind" phrase!
Cowgirl V

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,
I am fascinated by the world of 'canning' and would love to learn how to do it someday!


Lori in Indiana said...

Sounds like a wonderful book to add to our collections.

Anonymous said...

Would love, love, love to win "Moons and Circles" to share with my girls!

Sure loved your trip to England! Bobbie

Comfrey Cottages said...

Hi sharon. I am so behind in checking with my favorite blogs... been a busy summer with the grandchildren, with scant internet time:) We are anxiously awaiting the release of your new bird book. I love those words of wisdom, be kind, words to live by. When the children are all old enough to not need me to watch over them,(sad day that will be), I will console myself by going to all these wonderful conferences and hopefully get to meet you in person. sending love and hugs to you xx

*Ulrike* said...

I have been so behind on blog reading, but I am trying to catch up. I saw where Leslie had posted this article, and I am stopping by real quick to throw my name in the hat too!
Take Care!

Leanne said...

being a moon lover I soo want this book - It is on my wishlist at amazon now. Looks an awesome book.
Love Leanne NZ

Unknown said...

Love your blog ... the book looks like great fun ... and those words of wisdom, perfect!
Thanks so much,
Catherine :)

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Love your new banner page, Sharon! xxoo Nancy

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful book! Thanks for entering me in the drawing.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and thank you for the chance to win such a book as this! I try to live and cook within the seasons... Kathy L

Lili said...

Oh Sharon, I loved your woodland treasures from your previous post...what a great idea to collect and bring inside! Enjoyed reading about your Minnesota visit and seeing all the canning info...don't know how, but I managed to get some done this year too. Love the "be kind" quote it does sum it up all very nicely in the end! xoxo ~Lili