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Saturday, October 13, 2012

New England Autumn

Jeff nosed the car off of Route 1 and down the winding road to Damariscotta, Maine, one of my favorite villages in New England. Across the river, the familiar white spire of the Presbyterian church greeted us. We were "home."

We drove around some of the streets we love and laughed when we saw these tiny pumpkins above the door of this home. Almost everywhere else the pumpkins are gigantic.

The little guys above the door.

You'll love the giant pumpkins lining Main St. in Damariscotta, Maine.

Tidewater Telecom's giant pumpkin phone.

Pumpkin worms are deadly in a lawn.

Outside the hospital, visitors are greeted with a giant pumpkin getting its yearly flu shot.

In search of the Great Pumpkin.

What a mug!

Can you see Little Red Riding Hood's cape hanging out of the wolf's mouth?

Pumpkin as canvas.

Outside the door of our bank, artist Debra After created a GIGANTIC pumpkin candy apple.

Fabulously carved octopus.

Giant pumpkin bat.

Love this! So simple and elegant (and playful).

Sproul's Furniture and Interiors on the other side of the bridge (see the Damariscotta River in background?) ALWAYS has wonderful pumpkins. This is a fun idea for kids.

Damariscotta River Pottery, a world famous studio, sets out its pumpkin table lamp.

This pumpkin is carving itself!

Outside the Skidompha Library.

The Damariscotta River, which separates Damariscotta from Newcastle, is a reversing river. When the tides change, the river runs backwards toward the Great Salt Bay. It is so much fun to watch it turn and rush backward. 

A view of the Damariscotta from Comfort Found, our vacation rental in downtown Damariscotta and above the Darling and Delisle Gallery-Shop.

Tah Dah! This is the amazing giant acorn pumpkin created by Chris Darling and her loyal troupe of friends. The top of the acorn is individual acorn caps NAILED into the pumpkin. Isn't this GREAT? Every day when I walk downstairs, this pumpkin makes me grin.

Here is our set-up before doing a television show. We had these props and ingredients all spread out and ready to mix for the show. This photo was taken at midnight.

I was in the other room and working on props, Jeff is in the...well, you can see where he is, mixing the bird booster ingredients. Waaaay past midnight now, and we have to be at the station EARLY.

Props in place, ingredients ready, just trying to get CALM.

"Good Day Maine" with Jennifer and Jon, who were great, well prepared, and informed hosts. They made it seem so easy. Click here for the video.

Maine Coast Books and Cafe honored me with this wonderful window display. Thank you, Maine Coast Books!

Jeff and I were hosted by The Olde Bristol Garden Club on Thursday. I gave a one hour presentation for them (and they are TRUE gardeners) and did a book signing. The good part was being able to meet everyone and to make new friends. Kim, we're going to have FUN next summer with Chris!

Thank you dear friends for all your letters, e-mails, and gifts. Chris Darling, the bird purse will accompany me EVERYWHERE. Margaret Eckman and Susan Skehan, I LOVE my antique garden book. It is a treasure and will be face-out on my book shelf. Mare Betterley. You are a joy and I love the gigantic basket. I will always think of you when I look at it.

To Jane Taylor, who helped out with finding props and digging sand, THANK YOU! Big hug.

Sending love and best wishes to all. Now we're off to the Boston Public Library for a children's bird program on Sunday the 14th. From there, we head to Odyssey Books, South Hadley, MA, Ohio, Kentucky....lots more to come. Looking forward to seeing old friends, Ned and Betsy Williams, Frank and Aline Cullen, Nancy Heraud, Debra of October Press, George Ella, and many more!


I love you Damariscotta! The weathervane was made by David Severance for his future wife.


Vee said...

Oh good. I'll not toss anymore apple cores into the trash. Sand? I had no idea. Wonder where I can get some good sand without salt.

Damariscotta looks so terrific all decked out with those amazing pumpkins. Thank you for showing so many.

I see that your stay will be brief. It's so brisk today. I'm sure that you're freezing! Happy trails as you wend your way back through libraries, book stores, and friends' homes.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

Loved watching you on video!
Hope the book is a total sell out!
You have an amazing talent - thank you for sharing it with the world.
Love Leanne

Dawn said...

So much fun looking at all those creative pumpkins! My favorite is the one with the black paintings on it.
I really hope that, some day, I will see Damariscotta. Until then, I will enjoy it here on your blog.

Julie Marie said...

Oooh cousin Sharon, I LOVE this post!...what a darling place to be!...the teensie pumpkins are too cute and so is the giant candy apple pumpkin, yum!... love the window display the bookstore did for you... I just know everyone who meets you falls in love with you, your zest for life, your happy stories, your knowledge about so many of Nature's treasures and all of God's precious little creatures... going back now to look at the video... so glad you are having fun!... much love to you, xoxo Cousin Julie PS I just posted a bit about Veni and you this morning!

Nellie said...

How unique and funny those pumpkins are! I'm glad you have been able to return to Maine and hope your grandson is progressing well.

I'd love to see the river when the tides change. That would be something to witness. It's a good reason to plan a trip to Maine.:)

Kentucky is near Tennessee, but still rather far away. Where will you be doing your book signing when you are there?

I'm hoping everything will go well for you on the book tour.


Terra said...

The little punkins above the door made me smile, and then the art pumpkins, wow. Delightful.
I see there is a lot of prep to being on tv.

Susan said...

What a great book tour and I love that town! I'm glad I'm not judging the pumpkins--each new photo brought amazement and laughter. I think the pumpkin carving itself was one of the funniest.

Pat said...

The tiny pumpkins marching across that wonderful door frame are just so classic...and all the others are so fun and have some very talented pumpkin carvers up there!

All the best on your book tour...

Pondside said...

No wonder you love that town so much! What a fabulous spirit! Now, I'm off to watch you on video!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

These people in Damariscotta have a lot of pumpkin carving (almost said craving) on their hands! Thank goodness they do! Happy to be named in the same breath as Betsy Williams. I had lobster on her lawn. A bus trip with the Repperts of The Rosemary House. Fabulous trip! I'll tell you the rest of the story when I see you! Won't be long! xxoo Nancy

Lorrie said...

Those are some pumpkins! So creative.

Susan Freeman said...

Congrats on your book tour. I hope it is a big success for you. Thanks for sharing all of the inspirational fall decor. My favorite is the little pumpkins over the door. Doesn't Susan Branch do that too?

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Anonymous said...

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AnaGF said...

I loved all the pumpkin photos and the video - you looked great and so at ease presenting your lovely book and bird-feeder recipes - loved it!

Buttercup said...

Love your pictures! I hope you are having a fabulous time at the Odyssey. I spent many wonderful hours there in college and have the best memories of it. So wish I could be there!

Pam G. said...

what fabulous pumpkins Sharon! Good luck on the rest of the tour. My book which is a Christmas gift for Maddie (if I can wait til then) is in the mail to me-hope it comes tomorrow! Tues. we leave for New Mexico-3 full days plus 2 travel days in the Santa Fe and Taos area-also Ghost Ranch where Georgia O'Keefe used to paint. I can hardly is our 40th anniv. in Nov. and we rarely take a trip except to see the grands. Weather forecast 70 degree days cool at night and sun. Yes!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Sharon....we just missed seeing you! Hubby and I were in Damariscotta (and in Maine Coast Books and Cafe) on Friday. It was a cold and very grey day, but still so happy to be in one of my favorite towns!Hope you enjoyed your stay.
Cindy in ME

Blondie's Journal said...

I nearly missed this post! But I am working my way backward, sort of the like the river! That would truly be a sight to see. I love the pumpkin tour...what amazing artists! It looks like such a friendly town, too.

I love the video...I felt like I was seeing you in person. You are so friendly and articulate! I love that you have the energy and fun spirit to get your book out and into the hands of your readers. All my best!


Kit said...

What a great trip! You look wonderful. Kit

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Kit, I LOVE the Taos and Santa Fe areas and spent lots of time there when my son Noah was young. We considered a move there, but gardening is so huge for me and some of my potted plants have been with me for forty I just couldn't do it.

Enjoy every minute. I love Ghost Ranch. I remember an old article that showed George O'Keefe's bedroom, very simple and glorious and she said, "this is it, you can't get much simpler than this." I loved those words.

Have a ball!



Michelle said...

I adore the creativity of those pumpkins. Especially those small pumpkins above the door frame of that home. What a great display of your books in the window :)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hey Cindy, I WAS THERE in Maine Coast Books and Cafe on Friday. I walked the town and enjoyed every second of it.

If you went into Reny's (where the clothes are) the door to our apartment is right there and golden yellow. Our apartment is up on the third floor. So we were within reach.

Glad you got some time in one of the best towns ever.



Casa Mariposa said...

Those pumpkins are awesome! I've never seen them used as a canvas before. How clever. :o)

Bonnie K said...

What a beautiful window display. It was perfect. As for the pumpkins, I never knew one could do such things with pumpkins. Thank you for sharing!

Vicki Boster said...

Sweet Sharon- the pumpkin festival photos are amazing-- as always. It always amazes me how people can be so creative!
Kudos-- double kudos actually- on your tv segment-- I watched the video and you totally rock!!
You are a superstar my friend-- I wish you great success on your cross country tour!

Vicki Boster said...

Ps-- I will never throw away my apple cores again!!!

Anonymous said...

Were you in town for the earthquake last night? It was centered about 30 minutes from was quite loud and the whole house shook....scary!! Sorry we missed you on Friday....brought back wonderful memories of the time we rented from you there and enjoyed ALL the town had to offer.So glad you were able to spend some time enjoying Maine. Loved all of your pictures!
Cindy in ME

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi Cindy,

So sorry we missed YOU! No, we were not in town for the earthquake, but heck, a four pointer isn't ANYTHING compared to the 6.9 that knocked apart our chimney, foundation, windows, AND destroyed so much of my pottery and everything. It scared me to death. Tried to hold onto a door frame like they tell you to do, but the door kept hitting me. This quake was in 2003 and our Christmas tree shot across the room, as did all my books, art, etc.

Hope you survived everything!



myfrenchkitchen said...

Ho cute are those pumpkins, especially that phone one!
And you look so good on TV..very pro!

Anonymous said...

Yikes,Sharon, don't think I'd want to experience a 6.9 quake!! What surprised me most about this one was how loud it an explosion. You Caifornia folks are sure brave...this 4.0 quake was enough to scare me but good!! Enjoy what remains of the beautiful fall season. Maybe we'll meet in Damariscotta next summer!
Cindy in ME

Wendy said...

geez - how exhausting!!! But fun too I bet! Those pumpkins were amazing.