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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Peter Workman


Today my publisher Peter Workman, Workman Publishing, New York, lost his heroic battle with cancer.

The world is less without him.

How do you describe someone who lights a room with his brilliance?  Who has the wisdom of an old soul, yet the inimitable sense of wonder of a child?

Peter changed my life for the better and forever. I will always remember him, his lopsided grin, his love of the publishing industry, his generosity,  kindness, and sense of humor. I could go on, but I can't.

Our hearts ache with the loss and for the loss to his family, his wife Carolan, daughters Katie and Elizabeth, son-in-laws, grandchildren, and the extended "family" of employees and lucky authors.

Faretheewell, Peter. We will never forget you.

Sharon and Jeff

p.s. Please direct all comments to Workman Publishing. Comments are closed on my blog.

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