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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Resolution: Don't Procrastinate!

The Last Rainbow of 2014

Well friends,

Procrastinate is exactly what I've been doing. I have promised readers and myself every day that I would post a new blog entry, but other life matters got into the way. Thank you so much for the gifts and cards.

My friends are now referring to me as The Happy Hobbler, and I am happy. I am up and using a crutch sometimes, but mostly walking slowly and surely as much as possible. I am grateful to my friends for meals, help, and love, but no words can express my gratitude to my husband Jeff. He was there for me every step of the way as I will always be for him.

Stay tuned for the fabulous give-aways at the bottom of this post.


In a million years I could've never dreamed of the friendships and journey this book has provided. THANK YOU for your letters and e-mails. I have tried to quickly answer you whenever you write, but sometimes things stack up on me. 

This January I am participating in my first book club interview (east coast) via SKYPE. I'll be interacting with five young girls and their moms. This should be a wonderful experience. I can't wait to hear their questions.

Jeff recently made a book trailer to publicize Running

Making a trailer is a costly project, one which a new author normally can't afford to do. When we realized that it would be up to us to do it, Jeff said, "I'll just learn how to do it." That is sort of the way we handle everything that needs doing...just do it ourselves. Anyhow, it took half a day or so to read, edit, record, and add the pages of reviews. The best part of the trailer is at the end when my son and his close friend play their music. Noah on banjo and John on mandolin. So, this is a family, affair and I am proud of my family for doing it!

Your letters keep me going on my new book, which should be finished soon! Thank you!

Nancy Heraud, your glorious jellies and pot pourri make me so happy. The kids adore them, but they're so beautiful I never want to open them.

(Nancy is Lemon Verbena Lady) The jar of summer's scents (her famous potpourri) is sitting inside my quilt cupboard. Whenever I take out a quilt and catch the sweet drift of roses, I will think of her.

It smells divine!

My friend Patsy Lee Anderson knows how much I love anything fox. This is a wonderful new talisman sent by Patsy. Her name is Flannery Kitt Fox; she sits beside me as I work (and cousin Julie Marie, my little chip chip does too). A heart full of thanks dear Patsy. Every package was perfectly wrapped. I didn't want to disturb them, but curiosity got the best of me. I love George Ella Lyon's book Poetry, the fabulous fox stationery, I love it all.

This year's Christmas tree was teensy. I just wasn't up to decorating a huge one, but I adored this and enjoyed it every minute.

I save egg cartons for my ornament storage. Jumbo works best! My friend Consuelo Macedo saves those double plastic boxes that some fruit is packed in. 

No Christmas at our house is complete without my flock of old friends on the mantel. These are German stick sheep (their legs are like wooden matchsticks) and we have had them for decades. During the big San Simeon earthquake in 2003, they were thrown off our Cambria mantel and hurled across the room. Many ears and legs were broken, but they are treasured nonetheless.

But the best part of the holidays this year was this simple place setting. My grandson Luke, who was born two years ago weighing only one pound eight ounces, finally got a seat at the Christmas Eve table. He sat up with us and saluted the new year to come. He is a little miracle boy and the greatest gift we could ever hope for.

Now all vestiges of Christmas are being stored away until next year. For the New Year, I always set my table with olive branches, the symbol of peace. I also tuck them into napkin rings and weave them through the old chandelier so that anyone sitting beneath them will have peace in their hearts. It works!


The first wonderful part of the give-away is a solid copper rain chain, donated by Rain Chains Direct. They sent one to us to try before I endorsed it. This has a retail value of $129.95 (we all know how expensive copper is now). Not only is it beautiful, but it is functional and fun. I love the way the rain cascades down the chain and into our big crock. I use the rainwater for my potted plants.

Jeff prepares the down-spout and sets out the chain and gutter installer. They look like mini-buckets.

Love these! You will too. 

Send me an email to with "Give-Away" in the subject line to enter. Facebook visitors to Sharon Lovejoy: Home, Gardens, Books or on Sharon Lovejoy are invited too. The drawing will be on January 15th. Please, limited to the United States due to customs and high postage rates. So sorry!

I still welcome blog comments, but this new system will enable others without a Google or Facebook account or a blog to enter a free give-away drawing.

The second part of the give-away is a copy of my newly reissued book A Blessing of Toads: A Guide to Living with Nature (Down East Books, December 2014). This book is filled with all sorts of tips for how to invite nature into your yard and it explains how nature helps you have a healthy, well-rounded garden. This has an updated cover and shortened title and subtitle from the 2005 version. The interior illustrations are in black and white only.

I will end this, my final post from the not-always-so-great 2014 (though it ended with a soft rainbow). I send a prayer that your 2015 will be bright, healthy, and joyful.

Happy New Year to you all.

Sending love across the miles,



Donna OShaughnessy said...

Your posts. A feast for eyes and heart. I recently received a giveaway book from you and cannot recall if I ever said THANK YOU. It was Glady's Taber's Stillmeadow Cook Book; simple ingredients, no box mix stuff, love it. Best wishes for 2015, may all your healing be complete.

Pom Pom said...

Aw! You are such an acknowledger of care and love that comes your way. How refreshing, good Sharon! I like your grateful heart and the way you and Jeff work in concert. God bless your two sound souls!
Your house looks full and alive with beautiful things and an ever-warm atmosphere! I love your little tree!
Keep healing and be assured that your obedient nature will keep producing encouragement for others. YOU are a treasure.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Good morning from Idaho! I always enjoy your post and loved seeing your Christmas decorations, especially your collection of sheep! I have one I bought from a lady in Oklahoma, I love him so much he stays out all year. I wish I had bought a few more now. I was happy to hear that your grandson is doing well and you are doing better! Happy New Year to you and your husband!

Catherine Ann said...

Your posts are always a delight.
Lovely photos, and a new book for my Wish List!
New Year Blessings,

n/a said...

Sharon, although you've kept us in the loop on Facebook, it's always a delight to see a new post from you, and this one is no exception. Your home and garden seem so serene and inviting, and wonderful spaces for restoration of body and soul. While I don't do New Year's resolutions anymore, I HAVE resolved to secure a copy of Running Out of Night; I think it will be perfect for my granddaughter who is 9-years old today. Jeff did a bang-up job with the trailer, and I have pinned it to my Pinterest board. Perhaps I'm experiencing senior moments, but I don't think I knew you are currently working on yet another new book?? You are remarkable! As for your generous giveaway, I've managed to toss my hat into all three rings (does that make me exceptionally greedy?), and would be dumbfounded to win either of your offerings. Wishing all the best to you and yours in the coming year.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Happy and Healthy New Year ahead, Sharon! I enjoy both your blog send your Facebook, and I definitely love your books now that my grandchildren are old enough to enjoy them with me! My new life in the foothills of Colorado is filled with many more nature experiences than my old Brooklyn, NY, back yard. I is such a treat to be visited so most daily by deer and other wild animals. I once had a little red fox sleeping on my lawn!
Peace and good health in 2015!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Just to be mentioned in a Sharon Lovejoy blog post gives me chills! So glad we are friends and Virgo sisters! I wish you health and joy from family and friends in 2015 and hopefully we will see each other again! Love to you and Jeff!

Julie Marie said...

Oh dear cousin, so happy to see your post! And I for one know that nothing keeps your beautiful spirit down when times are hard. You just keep going and bringing smiles to all of us who love you. So wonderful that precious Luke got a seat at the table, truly the greatest gift of all. Your fox is adorable! I have a thing for foxes too. Congrats on the new release of "toads". Love that book so much! Please do not enter me in your generous giveaways and good luck to everyone else. Much love, Happy New Year to you and Jeff, xoxo cousin Julie Marie 💗💗💗

Lorrie said...

Happy New Year, Sharon. Wishing you health and happiness in 2015. I purchased your gardening books for my grandchildren and for myself - looking forward to spending time exploring our wonderful world with them.

Vee said...

So glad to know that you are on the mend...I do confess wondering where you might be, but I am trying to practice not meddling. Wonderful to read about your grandson Luke...I remember his early entrance to the world. A miracle child for certain! This must have been the year of tiny trees for mine was wee as well and I liked it fine, though the grands definitely did not. All the best with your new books. I'll be back tomorrow to listen to the trailer. Happy 2015 to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and hope you are soon healed! I would love to be in your drawing for the copper rain chain and your Toad's Blessings book. Thank you!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I smile this early morning
reading all your sharing.
We have so many blessings
and you special one - continue to heal.
Love the idea of the olive

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Happy New Year, Sharon!

I enjoyed this post, and your Christmas decor is enchanting! I love foxes, too, and I have been in heaven with the ornaments in recent years. We have little twin ones.

I need to put your book on my must-read list. This year has had a health challenge for me, too, and I really wish I had read it when I was recuperating. Making a note to order a copy. :-)

I love your copper sculpture piece, your sheep collection, and the thoughtful gifts from friends. I have a small collection of sheep because I love them so. I think we must be reading parallel lives!

I hope you get to feeling much, much better. I was injured in 2013 so I completely understand having to rely on others and having mobility challenges. Then this year, it was a battle wish shingles which still has me resting. I am thankful that I had help and for so many blessings during this last year, but I am looking forward to the year to come.

Happy 2015! May all of our journeys be blessed!


Sheila :-)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Sharon Williams Calvert,

No! That makes you smart! Yes, you can enter again as Jeff directed so that you have even more chances.

Thank you for the comment about the amateur trailer Jeff made. It was a family affair, but I think he did a darned good job. I hear that trailers can be many, many thousands of dollars. This cost nothing but time and figuring out HOW to do it. It was fun, but I kept goofing up and then laughing, so he had to keep doing it over and over.

Happy 2015. Glad you are enjoying the fire pit.

Sharon (thanks for thinking of Running Out of night for the 9 year old. Perfect age, and YES, I am nearly finished, but will have much more to do before any publisher is finished with me/it.)

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Sheila,

Parallel lives is right! I had shingles too even though I got the vaccination. Did you?

I hope you enjoy reading Running Out of Night as much as I loved the adventure of writing it.

Stay strong and positive and good luck in 2015!



La Table De Nana said...

Happy New Year..
So many charming vignettes here..:)

NatureStop said...

Happy New Year Sharon and thank you for visiting our blog and your comment. Much appreciated. WOW!!! I just loved your blog and will be following it :)Would love to lay hands on your books. Good luck in the coming year. Will be back soon.


Unknown said...

Maybe using a Don't Procrastinate mug will help.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Thomas Watson, I think maybe a HUGE sign that hangs right above my kitchen sink might be the answer.

Happy New Year. Did you enter the drawing?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful rain chain! I am looking forward to reading your new book! It has been a wonderful holiday season for sure!

Pondside said...

Happy New Year Sharon. Congratulations on your newest book! What an accomplishment!
As I sit in a dining room on the frozen prairie I can see your bird feeder, stl stuck to the window, through summer heat and winter freezing.

Lori ann said...

gasp! each and every photo. LOVE. loved the video, i'm off to amazon next to order my copy. and i'm so glad you are happily hobbling now, and mending more each day. so so sweet about luke. there is so much to love here sharon.

p.s. i took a photo of the rainbow too!

xxx lori

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Lori Ann,

Thanks so much for your sweet support.

I hope you love Running Out of Night. I loved writing it.


Nan said...

Oh, I loved each picture, and all your words. I have wanted to tell you for a while now, how important something you mentioned in a post was to me. I believe it was a photo of your husband holding a little boy. You wrote something about a miracle baby. Well, I went searching in your past posts trying to find the story, and I did. And it helped me beyond words that I can express, for my little granddaughter was also very small. She weighed 2.2 pounds and was very early- a day under 29 weeks. Like Luke, she has progressed wonderfully, and is 13 months old today. So, I thank you very, very much for the hope you gave me.

kj said...

so much is lovely and exciting here i don't know where to start. i was ready to order my copy tonight and JB said, "but let's get it at a bookstore instead.' so it will be. i'll walk into that bookstore and proudly bring your great book to the cashier counter. and i'll hear your voice when i read it.

i am so glad to hear about luke at your table. i know the feeling: so grateful.

i sent you a message, dear girl. about lunch. or breakfast. or dinner :^)

lastly: how lucky are you to be the recipient of your friends' well wishes and gifts. i know that feeling too: priceless,

love always ms. lovejoy xo

jerilanders said...

Dear Sharon, I had no idea you had injured yourself, I've been SO absent.Joyful news on the success of your new book, I am thrilled and delighted for you! I've procrastinated on reading it, but winter is the time for my "good reads" so it is on my list.
You asked for my email:

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I think we're all so time challenged these days that we don't get the chance to "visit" on our blogs.

Sometimes in the middle of work I'll think, "I wonder how KJ is doing, or if Jeri has any new projects going on." Then I stop and dip into their postings (and many others) to catch up with friends I may never have met, yet treasure nonetheless.

We've had over 100 entries in the "give-away." Good luck to all!