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Monday, September 24, 2007

Pemaquid Oyster Festival

The Damariscotta River's Pemaquid oyster beds are farm raised and considered some of the best tasting in the world. To celebrate our valuable crop and to benefit the Edward A. Myers Marine Conservation Fund and our working waterfront the community throws an annual fundraising event that that shouldn't be missed.

Visitors enjoy food, music, historical displays, educational exhibits, and boat rides out to the oyster beds.

I was one of the "celebrity oyster shuckers" and failed miserably at my duties. Not enough strength to do the job, but I “Tom Sawyered” a visitor (photo) into shucking some of them, and then my husband Jeff (not pictured) stepped in and finished my job. I kept all ten fingers.

After the festival we trekked down Main St. to The Damariscotta River Grill to watch the judging of the Pickle Contest. After the judges sampled the 25 entries we tasted each one!

Damariscotta River Grill
155 Main Street
Damariscotta, Maine 04543

Our Harvest Festival is a hoot! Instead of a boat regatta, we have a pumpkin regatta. Brave souls climb into hollowed out giant pumpkins and paddle the icy river water for their lives. Some of them end up in cold water.
(Photos courtesy of Bernie Delisle, Darling & Delisle, Studio Jewelry & Assessories.)

Main Street is lined with more giants, but they're carved, embellished, and sculpted into fantastic works of art.

(Pumpkin Photos by Jeff Prostovich)

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