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Monday, August 24, 2009

Fox Kits and Tea Time

Ask me about my favorite things to watch in nature, and I would probably answer-fox. They're my good luck animal, and I usually see one, or at least catch a glimpse of one, on my birthday.

For half a year, we had a vixen who slept outside our window. She curled up like a fiddleneck fern with her bushy, white-tipped tail covering her nose. When we walked past our window or wandered outdoors, she lifted her head and watched us or trotted over to the area where we worked. Nothing escaped her notice. Late, on cold autumn nights as we walked the island, she ran along beside us crashing through the dried grasses and looping around us like a pup.

Today, we attended a class held at a late 1700's saltwater farm. As our leader spoke to us about the geological history of the land, we saw a small, pointy face with large black-tipped ears pop up above a hummock of grass. We trained our binoculars on the darting flash of russet, which was quickly joined by another and another–three kit foxes, who frolicked, jumped, and sprinted around the newly mown field in search of mice and voles.We watched them 'til they disappeared behind a hill.

The skies darkened, a few drops of rain fell, and our class disbanded. We walked toward our car, but didn't want to leave before we hiked the milkweed trail to the fox field. Within a few minutes, we found the entry to the fox den, but left quickly so as not to disturb them.

As we headed up the hill, we spied two of the kits just as they saw us. One ran, tail outstretched, white tip flashing a warning, as the other stopped and looked us over.

A perfect day. The fox kits, the giant waves thundering against the ledges below our cottage, and a cup of afternoon tea on the porch.

From our little green island,



Dawn said...

A truly wonderful encounter. We have many a fox here, too, though one spies them only on rare occassions. I urge you to watch the french film 'Le renard et l'enfant' or in English "The Fox And The Child." It is the most cinematically beautiful film I have ever seen. Here is a preview of this most wonderful film:
Wishing you (and the kits) a pleasant week.

Unknown said...

That does sound like a perfect day! I wish I could have joined you. :) I've never seen a fox- what a treat.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi, I received your comment and IMMEDIATELY ordered the movie. Can't wait!!!

A few years ago I wrote a young adult novel about a girl and a fox on a small Maine island.

This will be interesting. Thank YOU!!!


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Hello Sharon,
I have enjoyed your illustrations for years and what joy it was to find your blog this evening...I quickly became a follower. I too am a "turtle usher"..when driving I will stop turn around and go help the little guys out. That's wht life is all about!
I will look forward to reading more of your posts.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Beth, thank you for the wonderful words. I am happy to welcome you into my version of life, which is a good life. I am so happy you too are a "turtle usher."

Best to you,


Anonymous said...

Sharon my email went down. How did you folks fare with the wind and storm damage and how are you??? Izzy