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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Country Gardens Magazine Features our Little Cottage Garden

Heavens! I couldn't believe it when I saw my little garden-herb shed "Sprig" on the front cover of the newest (early spring) edition of Country Gardens by Meredith Publishing.

We are honored by the fine job in this 8 page piece. Photographed by my dear friend Lynn Karlin, written by another dear friend Debra Prinzing, styled and produced by my new friend Andrea Caughey, and slaved over by my husband Jeff and me.

Thanks to James Baggett, editor of the magazine, and his talented staff.

Yippee! Spring is coming,



Robin Larkspur said...

Yikes, I cant wait to get this magazine, it is one of my favorites, and now even more so!! And do you promise spring is coming?? Robin (from deep in the snow in central new york!)

Vee said...

How wonderful...I knew something was in the works when you were busily preparing your garden months ago. I'll be looking for it!

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

OF COURSE your garden is on the cover! YOu are so talented... and humble, I might add!


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

WOW, how exciting!! Congratulations! :) ♥

Privet and Holly said...

Wonderful! I'm
most definitely
going to seek it
out. I'm just now
crawling out from
under the flu and
have so enjoyed
catching up on your
posts. Looks like
you had a magical
Christmas! I love
your sheep collection
and the maple syrup
in the stocking is
an idea I will keep.
The Max Ehrman piece
is simply wonderful
and I am printing it
off to tack above my
desk. As a woman of
words, this really spoke
to me : ) Sending you
snowy wishes for a
wonderful 2011 from
xx Suzanne

marcia said...

I can't wait to get a copy! That is so cool! And Awesome that it's on the COVER!

Your garden looks sooo lovely and is making me wish for springtime to come very quickly to Massachusetts!

congrats! and happy day!

love marcia

Simple Southern Happiness said...

Mercy sakes, What a garden you have, such a delightful place to sit watch the plants grow and have some tea. What an awesome surprise for all your hard work. Will have to get a copy of the mag.


Thea said...

i canna wait to get this magazine! happy new year, sharon! looks like a good start, eh? t

country girl said...
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country girl said...

This is so cool! It looks amazing. I hope I can find a copy at the Vienna train station where they sell international magazines.

Congratulations, Sharon...what a fabulous start to the new year!

Thinking of you,


Claudia said...

I will definitely buy a copy, Sharon! Darn it, I was just at the bookstore. I can't wait to see it.


Kay's flowers said...

I can't wait to get my copy of this issue! I can understand why they would put your garden on the cover.
It's amazing you deserve it. Congrats!

Love and blessings,


lemonverbenalady said...

Dear Sharon,

I will stand patiently by my mailbox until my copy arrives! Oh, on second thought, too cold, and I love Country Gardens magazine and you, but I'll wait where it is roasty toasty inside! I don't know why they don't do an annual spread on your garden, Sharon. They would never run out of good shots! Hi to Jeff. xx Nancy

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Congratulations on a such a wonderful happening! You must be elated ;)

Marguerite said...

Trust a gardener to be thinking of spring when there's still snow on the ground! Congratulations, the cover looks lovely, I'll have to haunt the bookshops to get a closer look at your garden :)

Terra said...

Sharon, I will look for this issue and buy it and savor the garden dreaming your garden will inspire in me.

Deborah Jean said...

Whoohoo Sharon and Jeff!I can't wait to get a closer look at your Cottage Garden! Such a hopeful and fun way to begin a new year!
Love and Dandelion Wishes...

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh Congrats Sharon!
It looks just fabulous and I will look for a copy!
You have amazing gardens!
Congrats again!

Jeri Landers said...

Well, I have a subscription, so I am reallly going to sink my teeth into this issue. I hope to get lots of good garden ideas from the 8 pages of your garden!

taylorsoutback said...

Will be watching the mailbox! Can't wait to get my copy & "visit" your garden - especially with the snowy week we are having.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

How exciting, Sharon! Can't wait to see this issue. Congrats on a job well done!

And a Happy New Year to you...


Sheila :-)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I cant wait to get this new Issue. Anything that says COTTAGE STYLE on it draws me right in but with your Garden on the cover that will make it ever more special. Wonder when it will be out for the public. I will be looking for it. Congrats for getting on the cover.

Linda Vater said...

I love the turquoise accents....wonderful without being too cutesy. Look forward to the article!

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

Whoo hoo, Sharon! I will have to go out and look for this in the magazine shops! Congrats on a wonderful cover and I'm sure a wonderful story, too.

Lili said...

Oh Sharon I am jumping with joy just to hear about this!! You inspire me so much and I can't wait to read all about your herb garden shed. How I love that you named your shed Sprig! You are such a joy dear Sharon! xoxo~Lili

Lori ann said...

Oh MY! how thrilling! you are the best Sharon, you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are to me and my life. I can't wait to get the magazine!

Lori ann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pondside said...

It's a magazine I always pick up so I'll be looking for it on the stands up here. How lovely!

kj said...

I will read the feature and be thrilled!

Carol said...

Oh, This is great Sharon. Congratulations! Now I will have to buy a copy!! The cover looks fabulous! Your garden I should say and that is some shed. I love the colors! The stonework . . . everything is so charming and lovely.

From the Kitchen said...

I want to see all of your garden so will visit our newsstand tomorrow to see it out. Congratulations on a job well done.


a woman who is said...

Oh I was just thinking about Sprig and how I want to get my garden shed into order this spring, and jazz it up with some Sharon Lovejoy ambience.

Congratulations, I will for sure hunt out this magazine just for more pictures of Sprig.

Zuzana said...

Congratulations, how lovely.;)

Carol Bass @ A Bird in Hand said...

Hopefully my copy is in the mail soon. Can't wait to see it. How wonderful!! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Spring can't come too soon for me! I can't wait to read this issue! There are not enough good gardening magazines being published right now! Wish there were more! :)

FarmHouse Style said...

I can't wait to go and get my copy. Congratulations:-)


Dan said...

What a fantastic start to the year Sharon!
All the best for 2011!

Beth said...

I hope I can find a copy!!!! I would love to see your garden. CONGRATULATIONS! love, Beth

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Sharon dear, I am not at all surprised! You have always lived in the most adorable of cottages..and your warm personality eminates from them. I am delighted for you. I must get a copy as soon as possible.
Love and congratulations to you!

Susan said...

What an honor! Such a beautiful garden; I yearn for Spring. I also can't wait for it to hit the stands. Love, xoxo

Janna Qualman said...

How exciting, Sharon. Congrats!

I'm ready for spring, too. Please?

MerrieSherrie said...

Congratulations, Sharon!! Wow!! I am in search of it tomorrow!! Can't wait to read all about your garden and enjoy the pictures, too.
Thank you for brightening my day!
Love, Sherry

Claus said...

Congratulations Sharon!! I am sure you will inspired - and leave in awe! - many people. I know I am!, just by looking at the cover :o)

Melody said...

Oooooo, I'm going to have to go look for the magazine tomorrow! I can't wait to see!

Teri said...

I buy this magazine all the time and will be thrilled to "know" something about the article now. You must have known it was coming out but the surprise of actually seeing it on in the magazine and on the cover is something that just can't compare. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you, dear Sharon. What an honor. I'll be on the lookout for the magazine. Can't wait to see it.

The Unusually Unusual Farmchick said...

I will be sure to pick a copy! So exciting to "know" someone featured in a magazine I enjoy.

Thea said...

Sharon, I picked up this magazine today! (at Borders) I'm anxious to sit down and enjoy your story. no, more than that, savor it. thanks for sharing a part of you. t

t said...

I can't wait to get the magazine. How wonderful it must be to see your hard work in the pages of a popular magazine. seems like that isn't something that would ever get old. Good for you. I loved your post on the antique books. Your collection is beautiful, thank you for sharing it.

vicki said...

How wonderful for you Sharon - the frnt cover picture is adorable - we will all be running out to get our own copy just so that we can say - "I know her!"

No one loves flowers more that you (except maybe my Gardener!) - thanks my friend for sharing this wonderful passion with all of us~~


Country Gardens Magazine said...

All of the photos that I just saw on your blog are so lovely that I just wanna move there wherever you are! :D
And congratulations!